Monday, June 9, 2008

All This because of zionis

True, today Russian Jews take profits of billions from the oil business,
but if so, they did not before privatization.
In other words, Russian Jews
cannot be seen as the origin of I$rael and today Jewish oil capitalists in
Russia also reap spectacular benefit from Arab terrorism and wars against Iran,
Iraq etc. In other words, the class interests of Russian Jews are not the same
as Jews in I$rael or even the United $tates.
The Russian state also reaps record
profits from the expanding oil trade. Both the Russian state and Russian Jews with investments in oil
would gain record profits if I$rael went berserk and ended up getting itself
wiped out in a Mideast war.
The I$raeli GDP is $140.3 billion a year. That is the total income of all 6
million people in the Zionist entity.(2)
Meanwhile, Russian exports of oil vary in value per year depending on price per
barrel and quantity. Estimated exports of Russian oil alone are for 7 million
barrels a day according to the U.S. Government.(3)
In the first two months of 2007, the value of Russia's oil exports alone was
$14.5 billion. At an annual rate, that is $87 billion. However, oil exports are
only half the value of Russia's energy exports,(4) because Russia also exports
natural gas. In other words, in 2007 we expect Russian energy exports to be $170
billion, more than the entire economy of I$rael.
The less educated international proletariat has a problem Marx called false consciousness when
it comes to the Jews.
Anti-Semitism is often called the "socialism of fools,"
because the most depoliticized people do notice the distinctness of Jews as a
group, but have a hard time grasping the concept of "bourgeoisie."
The I$raeli economy puts its members in the international bourgeoisie, along
with the populations of the imperialist countries such as the United $tates,
England, France, Germany and Italy. Too often the international proletariat
suffers economically with an inaccurate understanding of class structure.
The Jews are not the only carriers of the bourgeoisie ,its ideology, or capital.
All the Jews of I$rael do
not carry out more business in a year than the Russian energy exports. We have
to understand that Zionists are well-off, but also only significant up to a
point on a global scale.
To really understand exploitation and injustice, whatever the exploited and
oppressed think about Jews has to be extended 50-fold to the far more numerous
For that matter, by itself, Saudi Arabia had more exports (not
counting domestic business) than I$rael had total business in 2006.(5) So anyone
saying I$rael is humiliating Saudi Arabia and the other rich Arab states is
talking bullshit: the humiliation of states that are so economically powerful at
least on the surface can only occur at the hands of U.$. imperialism.
In a
strict conflict of "lobbies," Saudi Arabia could easily beat I$rael by itself.
Saudi Arabia does not outlobby I$rael, because the world does not really work
that way, the way proposed by bourgeois pluralist theorists.
Stalin and Molotov
understood from the beginning that I$rael is really an outpost of U.$.
imperialism.(Although the USSR was the first country to regognise Israel)
War, death threats, sex etc. play the greater role and rational
explanation only to the extent that it rallies a group with a self-interest.
flabby Arab bourgeoisie and its CIA masters took up pluralist theory and talk
about an I$raeli lobby in order to tame the upsurge of Arab people.
It's a way
of saying the problem is only a few million people in I$rael, not the united
$tates itself.
Anti-Amerikanism in a word is the international proletariat's strategy. Even
when we take up anti-Amerikanism, we should not forget we are only targeting
the dominant plurality of the international bourgeoisie, not the majority of the
exploiters of the world.
Even moreso, anti-Zionism is only a tiny fraction of
the significance of anti imperialist anti-Amerikanism in the global class struggle.

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